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Shifting Sands


Professor Herbert Sukopp

Father of Urban Ecology

Professor Herbert Sukopp, the Father of Urban Ecology, has a Birthday on the 6th of November.  On behalf of the URBIO, we would like to congratulate Prof. Sukopp with his 90th birthday and send him our warm regards.

Here you can also read the article of Ingo Kowarik about Herbert Sukopp's contribution to urban ecology.

LAWN project partners update webinar 2020

Due to the current COVID -19 situation, the URBIO Conference 2020 is postponed to December 2021. We will keep updating about the due date for the abstract submission. Thanks for your support of our URBIO Network in this challenging time.

If you have any concern or queries please contact Dr. Maria Ignatieva at

Updated on 17th of June 2020

This conference has been postponed until July 2021

Third World Conference of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE) will take place in Poznan, Poland on 6-8 July 2020

Cities and Social Ecological Systems

URBIO Conference 2020

Integrating Biodiversity in Urban Planning and Design Processes

Humboldt University Berlin

3-5 December 2020

Abstract submission will be open shortly

42nd URBIO Newsletter – 20th of December 2019




Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce that in September 2019 there was the URBIO Board Election 2019. Maria Ignatieva and Charles Nilon were elected as the new URBIO presidents and Pippin Anderson as the Secretary General. We also welcome new Advisory Board Members: Dagmar Haase (Humboldt University Berlin), Diana Dushkova (Humboldt University Berlin), Marcus Hedblom (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala), Jessica Kavonik (ICLEI Africa), Ernita Van Wyk (South African National Biodiversity Institute) and Christine Brodsky (Pittsburg State University).

URBIO Webpage - https://www.urbionetwork.com/

Our new URBIO webpage was created and activated and we look forward for your contribution in it. Now URBIO Headquarter are located in University of Western Australia and University of Missouri. Please send us information about coming events such as conferences and workshops, new publications and initiatives. Our goal is exchanging of the information and rising awareness among our colleagues and students. Please send your materials directly to Maria Ignatieva (maria.ignatieva@uwa.edu.au) for downloading it to the webpage.


We are also pleased to let you know that Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany) has agreed to be the host of our coming URBIO Conference 2020. We would like to particularly thank our new Advisory Board members from Humboldt University, Professor Dagmar Haase and Dr. Diana Dushkova for their support and agreeing to host our URBIO conference in Berlin.

The theme of this conference is integrating biodiversity to the urban planning and design process.  Our growing cities, their future health and prosperity directly depends on the integrity of urban planners, architects and landscape architects. In most cases of urban ecology research, we are having deal with already created urban landscapes. The goal of this conference is to exchange conceptual ideas and results of theoretical and practical applications. How can urban ecologists make stronger connections to the planning of our cities and participating in architectural and landscape design process at different scales: from a Master plan to a park or a neighbourhood, or urban forest or private garden? How urban ecologists can be more actively involved in the interdisciplinary teams in the city’s administration and work in close connections with citizens fulfilling goals of protection and reinforcing urban biodiversity?

We are looking forward to receive your feedback on the main theme and ideas about sessions. The Conference webpage will be opened at the beginning of January 2020.

We wish to all of you a very happy holiday season and New Year. Thank you for your passion for urban biodiversity and support of URBIO.


Very best regards,

Maria Ignatieva and Charles Nilon, URBIO Presidents

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