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Guidelines for the preparation of an URBIO conference

Framework from N. Müller & M. Kümmerling (2014) and latest adaptation from M. Ignatieva (2019)


1. General
URBIO conferences are organised as scientific conferences. Organisation is the responsibility of the local organiser with advice from the URBIO advisory board and the headquarters.


2. Funding
Because URBIO is a non profit organisation; the headquarters have no funds of their own. Therefore the conference's costs must be funded via the conference fee and from additional funds. Fundraising needs to be initiated as soon as possible from local or national government sources, private organisations, and local societies.


3. Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD)
The contact data for the contact person of the SCBD to find out where and when the next COP meeting is scheduled you can obtain from the headquarters of URBIO.


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