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Members are all persons registered for the URBIO newsletter. Currently the Network has 1150 members from 64 countries (2018).

In order to foster the scientific exchange between researchers, practitioners and stakeholders the network organises international scientific conferences and workshops as site events to CBD COP meetings (Conference of the Parties to the CBD), maintains a website, distributes newsletters regularly to the network members and holds contact with various international networks. Since 2008 the URBIO network has held four conferences: URBIO2008 during May 2008 in Erfurt/Germany, URBIO2010 during May 2010 in Nagoya/Japan, URBIO2012 during October 2012 in Mumbai/India, and URBIO2014 during October 2014 in Incheon/Korea, URBIO2016 during October 2016 in Panama and URBIO 2018 during September 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. .

The network is chaired by the URBIO President who holds the Headquarters and distributes the newsletter. The URBIO network Presidium consists of the President, the Secretary General and the Senior Advisors. An Advisory Board supports the Presidium in fostering scientific exchange and decisions for the network. The Advisory Board elects the members of the Presidium for 4 years. After each URBIO conference, the organiser is nominated as Secretary General for a period of 2 years (until the next URBIO conference and CBD COP meeting). The Advisory Board usually meets at URBIO conferences and workshops.

The network was founded in May 2008 by Norbert Müller (University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Germany) who chaired the network until October 2014. Since November 2014 to September 2019 Haripriya Gundimeda (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India) was the President of the URBIO network. From September 2019 Maria Ignatieva (University of Western Australia, Australia) and Charles Nilon (University of Missouri, USA) are Presidents of the URBIO.

The URBIO network is a strictly non-profit scientific organisation, without own budget.

The network activities include:

Scientific URBIO Conferences and Workshops

Developing, maintaining and supporting different scientific programs,  platforms and publications

“Nature of Cities” Forum

Singapore (City Biodiversity) Index

TEEB–“The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Local and Regional Policy Makers”


URBIO Research Agenda on Urban Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Design

Cities and Biodiversity Outlook


Conference of URBIO-International Network
Urban Biodiversity and Design:

“Integrating Biodiversity in Urban Planning and Design Processes”
on the 28th-30th November 2022 hosted by UFZ in Leipzig 
in close cooperation with Humboldt University of Berlin, the
University of Western Australia and the University of Missouri
(Hybrid format: face-to-face and online)

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Conference of URBIO-International Network
Urban Biodiversity and Design:

The network URBIO (URban BIOdiversity and Design) is an open worldwide scientific network for education and research with the aim to promote the implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in urban areas. Within the CBD programmes, URBIO is scientific advisor for the Major Group "Local Authorities" and partner of the "Global Partnership on Local and Subnational Action for Biodiversity".

URBIO Webinar 9 December 2021
Urban Biodiversity and Design in Time of Pandemics

7-9 am USA (Missouri, New York), 10-12 pm (Japan,South Korea), 9-11 pm (Western Australia, Singapore, Beijing) 4-6 pm (Moscow), 3-5pm (Helsinki , South Africa), 2-4 pm (Berlin , Stockholm), 1-3 pm (London and Porto)


The following organisations have funded and supported the URBIO Network in the past:

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